Insurance benefits

Information on the assumption of costs by private insurance companies

Privately insured / private supplementary insurance / allowance

Private insurance, private supplementary insurance and the aid usually reimburse the bills for my treatment completely or almost completely!

As a rule, alternative practitioner costs are included in private insurance.
Only in exceptional cases, i.e. with certain tariffs, do we see that larger parts are not covered.

The patient is responsible for carrying out the reimbursement procedure vis-à-vis his insurance company. Reimbursements are usually limited to the rates in the schedule of fees for naturopaths. Any differences between the schedule of fees and the alternative practitioner fee are to be borne by the patient. The results of all reimbursement procedures have no influence on the agreed alternative practitioner fee. The fee claim of the naturopath is to be paid in full by the patient, regardless of any insurance and/or benefit payments.

Costs covered by statutory health insurance

Naturopaths do not participate in the statutory health insurance system.

As a rule, people with statutory health insurance do not receive reimbursement of the treatment costs from their health insurance company.

Please contact your health insurance company to find out about any exceptions before starting treatment.

Private supplementary insurance

For those with statutory health insurance, it can often be advisable to take out additional private insurance that covers the costs of alternative practitioners. Good insurance companies usually cover 80% of the billing costs and up to €1000 a year. Additional costs such as dentist, glasses, etc. are often also insured.